Tuesday, 13 June 2017

CILIP Professional Workshop - Tuesday 13 June 2017: Exeter University Campus

Attended the CILIP Certification workshop today which went very well - as was with Carol (Libary Manager) and Charlotte (part-time library assistant) I didn't experience any nerves at all!  We sat at the back together.

Most of the content was very familiar to me as this was the 4th workshop I have attended over the years...  I was struck though by how much was different from even 3 years' ago with the process and VLE appearing to be easier to understand and navigate.

After lunch we had a self-guided tour of the 'new' Forum Library - Carol guided us round.  There are 3 floors all colour coded in Autumn Shades - bottom floor - orange, middle floor - yellow and top floor - green. Each floor has a similar layout of books, MFD, quiet study rooms, desks, tables etc. This gives the feeling of consistency and recognition to people using the studying facilities. Carol explained that they had no control over the colour choices but that the use of colour is very minimal compared to the original design which had whole walls of colour.  She had been involved with the build of The Forum some 3 years' ago.

The Uni has RFID self-issue units compared to our barcode 2CQR self-issue unit - being a university there are of course, multiple units. As the students are now on vacation the Forum Library and building were much quieter which made it easier to move around.

Similarities with our service are that as an NHS library we are open 24/7, 365 days a year with access to a self-service machine and cluster PCs in a security protected zone.
Ebooks have shelf-markers with allocated QR codes for ease of access for patrons.  As we share the same LMS - Innovative Millennium and therefore the OPAC, we also share good working practices.

Differences are the colour zones which are a good idea as the library is split over 3 floors whereas our library is on part of only one floor.

Ideas- the large plasma/TV display screen is an excellent idea which gives patrons up to the minute information about events and other general information.

Problems/Issues - space is an issue when all the students are back but they have a policy of not 'hogging' desk/PC space for too long thus giving everyone an opportunity to utilise the facilities.

Didn't like the 'self-guided' tour - instructions were confusing with no reference to the colour coded floors for ease of reference.  The leaflet could have been better designed and look more professional.

Improvements - an app guide or recorded guide would have been preferable and would have given us more information. Perhaps water could be provided - water cooler with water bottles or water on tap from mains.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

CILIP Chartership

Starting again!

The VLE has been considerably improved and I am finding the portal and process now rather inviting.

Certification event (3rd or 4th) on Tuesday 13 June 2017 and now have a new mentor so this should send everything in the right direction for a change!

Realising I am frequently in the analysis paralysis zone about new things although happy with my Masters in Digital Information & Library Services at Boras Uni, Sweden.  'Just' have one half module - Digital Tech 2 to complete and then THE DISSERTATION!!!  Only downside is I have to go and do a viva in front of my tutors, professor and fellow students and answer any questions... At the same time I have to be able to think quickly on my feet and critique a fellow student...